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Design patterns that serve as basic building blocks.


Push.js is the engine that connects Ratchet pages together with AJAX and the history api. Push.js is listening to all clicks on a page, so just make sure it’s included and link something in your project up.



<!-- A one.html link -->
<a href="two.html" data-control="push">Two</a>

This will use push to replace everything in the .content div with the .content of two.html. Also, it will either update or remove .bar-nav and .bar-tab according to their presences in two.html.

A working version of push:

<header class="bar bar-nav">
  <h1 class="title">Page one</h1>
<div class="content">
  <div class="card">
    <ul class="table-view">
      <li class="table-view-cell">
        <a class="navigate-right" href="./two.html" data-control="push">
          Load new page with push


Now that pages are being loaded through push, it’s easy to specify transitions for animations between pages. There are three different transitions to chose from: fade, slide-in, or slide-out.

Fade transition

<nav class="nav nav-inline">
  <a href="01.html" data-control="push" data-transition="fade" class="nav-link active" >01</a>
  <a href="02.html" data-control="push" data-transition="fade" class="nav-link" >02</a>
  <a href="03.html" data-control="push" data-transition="fade" class="nav-link" >03</a>
  <a href="04.html" data-control="push" data-transition="fade" class="nav-link" >04</a>

Slide transition

<!-- An one.html link that animates to two.html -->
<a href="two.html" data-control="push" data-transition="slide-in">Two</a>
<!-- An two.html link that animates to one.html -->
<a href="one.html" data-control="push" data-transition="slide-out">One</a>

Push bind

push 작동 후 DOM 이 변경되므로 기존에 onload 타입이나 초기화를 해주는 기능들을 통해 인지되었던 외부 익스텐션을 기억못하는 현상. Push bind를 위해 addEventListner 는 push 작동후 callback 함수 개념으로 해당 함수를 한번더 초기화 하라는 의미

Push.js binds an event to the document that returns a detail object and can be used to fire a callback.

// Only needed if you want to fire a callback
window.addEventListener('push', myFunction);